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Media relations: With our good and close working relationship with the key editors and journalists who work for the media channels in the events market, we are able to make sure that our clients' news hits the right place at the right time, delivering the appropriate message to the target audience.

Print Media
Everyone likes to see their name in print, whether it's news of a major contract win, a key appointment, expansion plans, or a feature on a new product or services.

Online Media
Many of today's print media also have a strong online presence, it could be a latest breaking news portal, an e-zine or news blog that carries the very stories directly to its readers

Broadcast Media
There is nothing like the buzz of being heard on the radio or seen on TV, be that a mainstream broadcaster, independent station or online, it really can be chance to get your message across in a very personal way.

Social Media: The fastest growing method with which to engage your target market has to be social media, it's a 24/7, immediate and viral communications tool when used to its full effect. It's one of the few marketing communications channels that provides interaction and engagement in real time and on a geographically boundless basis. There really isn't a choice whether to use social media, only how effective you will be.

The number of tweets per day is now in the millions, as part of a planned social media campaign we would target key recipients in a follower campaign to generate an audience for your twitter output.

Used to communicate with individuals in a more social setting, Facebook can speak to a target market in their own time and on their own terms.

The business peer to peer networking platform LinkedIn can offer one of the strongest marketing channels of all, recommendations and referrals are some of the most potent marketing tools available.

There are many image platforms available but Pinterest is quick, easy to use, and can be tied into your entire social media strategy and campaigns.

Having a platform from which you can dispense advice, opinion and thought leadership makes you a publisher in your own right.

Strategy, Planning and Reporting: Strategy and planning is what distinguishes effective pr from reactionary pr, and social media campaigns from social media noise. We develop robust strategies to ensure that you message is seen by the right people, heard in the right circles and fully understood by all those in the communications chain leading to the target audience. Knowing which media and social media channels have used your pr output provides an opportunity to measure the reach, message deployment and share of voice you have achieved with all your outbound activity.

Using tools we have developed such as key message development, audience channel matrices, target media lists and quarterly action plans we ensure that there is a purpose and direction to all of your pr and social media engagement.

Our basic coverage alerts, quite simply alert you to any media coverage and social media engagement that has been achieved through our activities.

Ad equivalent reporting is a little more sophisticated, in so much as it provides a monetary value measure of the amount of coverage achieved, and compares this to the spend required to achieve the same amount of coverage using advertising. We do not weight our reporting for pr value against advertising, it is a straightforward like for like comparison.

Message deployment is more sophisticated still, it takes into account the coverage gained against a predetermined series of messages that you want the target audience to receive. It takes into account the tone, position and context and weighs each agreed criteria accordingly. It is ideal for organisations that are involved in any form of transition or change within a market, as well as those entering a market for the first time.

Competition monitoring can be very beneficial, and monitoring their media output can often provide snippets of competitor intelligence. Social media is proving to be very effective at monitoring competitor activity especially as there are no corporate social media guidelines in place to moderate output.

Share of voice reporting, in line with competitor reporting, provides a tangible measure of the comparative media profiling of one or more competitors. It can look at the comparative effectiveness of message deployment, profile raising and coverage achieved, so you know who is ruling the airwaves and how well they are doing it.